R.R.P. $479.95
'Cooking View'
R.R.P. $499.95
R.R.P. $479.95
'Heat View'
R.R.P. $499.95
'Heat XL'
R.R.P. $579.95
'Heat View XL'
R.R.P. $599.95
'Cooking View Premium'
Package Price $899.95 R.R.P. $1169.55
'Heat View Premium'
Package Price $899.95 R.R.P. $1169.55
'Heat View XL Premium'
Package Price $999.95 R.R.P. $1269.55

The Gstove range of stainless steel camp cooking stoves are designed to last a lifetime and the 'Cooking' range of stoves is designed for those who like to have the full camp stove cooking experience.

The 'Cooking' range of stoves feature an integrated baking oven as well as the standard cooking facility on top so you can roast as well as fry or boil and stew.

The door of the Gstove features an air intake that is fully adjustable, allowing you total control over the air flow and in turn, the burn rate of the fire.
At full opening, the oven quickly warms up and can be red hot if you need it to be. It provides good heat but even at the most restricted setting it will keep the fire in the stove going.
The door of Gstove is easily removable to allow for easier cleaning or even replacement in the event of a mishap.

The standard height legs are folded while transporting to take less space and keep the stove stabile under transport.  When the time comes to set-up, the legs are fastened via a wing nut style fastener into a captive nut and locked into place with a D-Ring style snap ring and pin arrangement.  If you want more height on the stove, the 300mm  leg option is available.  These easily replace the standard legs and raise the stove to a more comfortable height when not being used in a restricted space.

The standard chimney flue provides a height of 2370mm.  For ease of transportation the chimney flue stowes inside the stove, saving you precious space in your vehicle. The standard flue comes supplied with a top hat style rain cap but this can be changed over to the optional spark arrestor.  There are also optional 300mm chimney flue extension pieces should you need more height from your Gstove chimney.  There are also 45 & 90 degree elbow pipes available to allow you to divert the chimney out from under awnings and shelters, and with the optional chimney flue air flow controller you will have full control over the burn rate of your Gstove.

Inside the oven you will find a stainless steel grate that can be removed if you want larger pieces of wood for an over night burn.  The grate ensures that wood burns efficiently leaving just a fine ash residue that can be easily removed using the supplied ash scraper. The ash scraper makes it easy to clean under the grill when the stove is in use and this ensures the stove always has good amount of air flow around the fire not just on top, ensuring you get the most out of your fuel.

The top racks can be folded out to used as drying racks or for resting pots and pans during meal preparation.  The racks can also be used as carrying handles when moving the stove around.

The Gstove 'Cooking' is covered by Gstove's incredible lifetime warranty!

Buy once, buy right.




(For the safety of those in the vicinity, it is recommended that you peg the Gstove to the ground to ensure it's stability.)

Gstove 'Cooking'-$479.95
Unique built in oven compartment
Gstove 'Cooking'-$479.95
Compact, Lightweight & Versatile
Gstove 'Cooking'-$479.95
Extended Chimney, Fire Grate & Ash Scraper Included

Tech Specs

Firebox Dimensions

Length = 380m
Width = 220mm
Height = 200mm

 Assembled Stove Height

Excluding Chimney Flue = 320mm
Including Chimney Flue = 2370mm



Cooking Oven Dimensions

Width = 145mm
Length = 220mm
Height = 70mm


From $19.95
Whilst the main body of your Gstove is protected by a lifetime warranty the bit's and pieces attached to it can sometimes get damaged. Don't panic, all of the components that make up your Gstove are available as replacement spare parts. Visit your nearest stockist to order your replacement parts or go to our online store to order direct.